Technical Documentation

Here you will find documentation for all Greiðslumiðlun APIs. The main API is referred to as our external API . Current version Swagger can be found here →

Quick glance list

  1. For testing create bearer token using

    1. grant_type=client_credentials

    2. scope=externalapi

    3. Basic auth:

      1. clientId=democlient

      2. secret=demosecret

  2. When testing using the democlient, use merchantId 4

  3. API for testing:

  4. Testing Greiðslugátt URL:

  5. API documentation: 

The most typical workflow - Create an order

  1. Authenticate using POST, with relevant input parameters to get an bearer token.

  2. Create an order using POST and get an orderId from the response.

  3. Redirect buyer to{{orderId}} to complete the order payment.